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Heck, there isn’t even a way to do what fictional heroes do, which is to vanquish the chief antagonist, thus freeing the girl.

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Nothing amazing about us being content in living small and being as happy in a Mini Stop as we would be in a five-star hotel buffet; nothing amazing about her waiting an extra hour for me after work just so we can meet; nothing amazing about us still constantly texting and chatting each other even though we’re three months shy of celebrating our anniversary; nothing amazing about us talking about books, movies, anime, and video games, especially Pokemon, all the time; and nothing amazing about the infantile baby talk and pet names we already to have and continue to come up with in our texts, although they are amazingly embarrassing and cringe-worthy and therefore private.It remains as one of the most romantic clichés ever despite its overuse, but I learned recently that no person in the right mind could and should romanticize such an event if it were to happen in real life.And the reason I arrived with such a conclusion is because that’s the predicament Berna and I are in, and reality is so much harsher than fiction.Nothing amazing about me finding a beautiful, intelligent, kind, colorful, and strong girl who’d love me for and despite my absurdity, nonconformity, and roughness.Everything that’s sarcastically not amazing has become too many and too much of a part of everyday life already to even write about.If that’s the case, then to what – or whom – should I attribute the dwindling of love-related posts, especially those about her?

I don’t want to peg it to my writing job that redirects my brain juice from romance to gaming-related corporate slavery.

Our convenience store and Fastfood restaurant dates after work, our occasional and cherished meals on Japanese restaurants on BF Homes, our super-chill hangout sessions on each other’s house that I wouldn’t trade for anywhere else, our playtime with our dogs, our gaming sessions, our long walks that never get old despite being on the same roads, and many other simple things that elude me as I wrote this.

All of these little things are, when they were lived in the now then that has become the past today, were big.

And now, with all of them together, they are colossal.

We are colossal, and will continue to grow even more so.

Young love is dumb love, but it sure is prolific when it comes to writing.