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They hugged as they expired together - although maybe it was only a fantasy?This segment paralleled Egyptian goddess worship with a scene of a blonde car wreck victim (British pin-up Linzi Drew) with a disfigured left side of her face (and other major injuries), being operated upon and given heart-shock treatment - although she hallucinated being adorned with sparkling jewels and was segmented into the body parts of a mannequin.

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The film shockingly concluded with Epiphany bloodied and dead on the bed (with a gunshot to the groin), with Harry's military 'dog-tags' around her neck. Harry was then convicted of the murder and doomed to burn in Hell, as Cyphre had warned.During the course of his work, Harry encountered an illegitimate, half-Creole, teenaged voodoo practitioner Epiphany Proudfoot, reportedly the daughter of Favourite and Evangeline Proudfoot.He witnessed Epiphany's participation in a voodoo ritual in which she was scantily-clad as she slit a chicken's throat and let the spurting blood drip down her face, neck and breasts.French director/writer Diane Kurys (with her first English language film) told a tale of infidelity in a passionate and erotic art film (a film about film-making itself).It was about the life of the Italian poet Cesare Pavese (who committed suicide) and his last love, Gabriella.The detective let down Anne's blonde hair and caressed her under her clothes, as she nervously confessed: "I never did have much luck with sex anyway." After sex, the next morning, she half-draped her nakedness in a blue sheet and approached Mc Swain from behind, as he bent down in front of his refrigerator.

Director Emile Ardolino's popular, coming-of-age, sexual awakening tale, set at a Catskills resort in the summer of 1963, revolved around sexy dance scenes in the staff quarters or the dance studio (or outdoors at a bridge or in water). I'm scared of what I saw, I'm scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you."To the tune of Solomon Burke singing "Cry to Me" in the light of his cabin-bungalow, they danced sensuously.

Compiling the short works of ten different directors, this uneven and semi-indulgent film (originally unrated for sex and nudity, but re-rated as R) combined MTV-style images in brief vignettes to various operatic arias:wo naked gym attendants (Marion Peterson and Valérie Allain as Les Jeunes Filles) attempted to get the attention of disinterested muscle-bound bodybuilders in Paris's Weider Gym by flaunting themselves and threatening to stab the dehumanized men.

Bridget Fonda (in her first 'credited' film debut) was featured as part of a couple who committed suicide together in a Las Vegas bathtub (by slitting their wrists with shards of broken glass) after making love in a cheap hotel room lit by flashing neon signs.

They made love on a bed with raindrops (and chicken blood) dripping from the ceiling through the leaky hotel roof during a rainstorm, while listening to the radio playing the sultry tune "Soul on Fire" by Laverne Baker.

He was unintentionally having incestuous sex with her.

During dinner that evening, Steve bluntly asked Jane: "Will you stay with me tonight?