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Magazine editor Katy Bravery added: "There are more people over 50 getting divorced than ever before, and with thousands of people using Saga Dating every month, online dating is most definitely not just the preserve of the young.It's a great way to break out of an existing social circle, and meet new friends and partners.

Researchers also found almost three in ten over 50s have started dating again later in life, with 84 per cent saying it is different to dating when they were younger, and 63 per cent think dating is now better than it was while they were younger.But advancing years, and the life experience that comes with it, has eroded any self-doubt and given them a clearer idea of who they want to spend their lives with.It also emerged around one in four over 50s believe they are now 'more romantic' than they were when they were growing up.Dating is more fun as you get older, a study has revealed.Researchers found looking for love when you are more mature and worldly-wise is far less stressful than courting during your 20s and 30s.And while both generations consider a good sense of humour to be important, the over 50s place more significance on honesty with eight in ten looking for this in a partner compared to just 66 per cent of twenty somethings.

Almost three quarters of over 50s also said a ‘similar outlook on life’ was key for them, with just half of 20-29 year-olds saying the same.

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The guide price is £600-£800 when they go up for auction at in Etwall, Derbyshire, on June 1.

Even a few on board our cruises too." Researchers also found a third of over 50s who are currently dating are simply looking for a companion or friend, while more than a quarter are aiming to meet someone they can have fun with.