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120 top 3 dating sites sold to only 75

120 top 3 dating sites sold to only 75-57

In a market where overzealous marketers pay for likes, a platform that encourages its users to give them away for free is a great find.

120 top 3 dating sites sold to only 75-16120 top 3 dating sites sold to only 75-19

Do a quick Google search for other shoppers' experiences.Many people are surprised to learn you've MORE rights buying online. If the above routes don't apply, then you have to make a decision about whether you're willing to take the risk of parting with your cash.Unlike buying in store, buy online and the Consumer Contracts regulations mean you can cancel the order within 14 days of arrival for any reason. Don't be overly scared of this: every day we all make transactions based on trust, and this is part of that, but do balance up the amount you're spending against the risk.Crucially, ensure your security's up-to-date - free software can be downloaded to your computer in five mins.Full details in the Free Anti-Virus Software guide. Ultimately, there is always a risk that a company can go bust.Quite simply, its customers are immediately transformed into creditors.

This hits hardest if you've ordered goods or tickets from them, and not had delivery, as then you are simply one of a line of people trying to get your money back out of the company's assets, and you usually get back much less than you paid in.

Even if you've had delivery, if the company you bought from goes under and there's a problem with the goods, it can mean you've no comeback.

While Money Saving endeavours to check deals are valid, we don't check companies' finances - even huge names like MFI and Woolies have folded - so it's very important you use the right strategies to stay protected where possible...

See the Section 75 guide for a full guide and Cashback Credit Cards for how to earn cash on top too.

Section 75 doesn't apply to purchases under £100, but there's still an option which can help.

See the Visa Chargeback part of the Section 75 guide for full details.