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“Any time one of these systems activates, the video system captures a 20-second video clip and transmits it to the Smart Drive team for review.”Both fleets have seen benefits from deploying these systems.Mc Farlin says M&W experienced a 34% decrease in total accidents within the first year.

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Driver trainers and managers use this information to coach the drivers that need it most.Police Chief Jim Johnson said the cameras were welcome."Our officers have embraced this tool," Johnson said.23 bank robbery at Wells Fargo on Reisterstown Road.Another deadly shooting claimed the life of 23-year-old Korryn Gaines of Randallstown, who barricaded herself in her apartment Aug. Having every officer outfitted with body cameras "will make our communities and our officers safer," Kamenetz said.Rilana Hamer, who recently graduated from college and works at a financial services firm, thought the webcam would be a good way to keep an eye on her puppy while she was at work. Hamer was with a pal when she noticed the rotating camera swivel to look at her from across the room. The websites allow pervy peepers to peer through thousands of cameras placed in British car parks, offices and communal corridors as well as bedrooms and waiting rooms around the world.

“I heard, ‘Bonjour, madame,'” she wrote in a Facebook post that has since gone viral. The problem is so widespread, even Mark Zuckerberg and Pope Francis have placed stickers over their smartphone cameras to stop someone watching them.

In two recent fatal police-involved shootings over the last two months, the officers who fired their weapons were not wearing body cameras.

One incident resulted in the death of a 33-year-old Pikesville man suspected in a Sept.

“I moved to the left and right and the camera came with me.” Hamer whipped out her smartphone to film it, and the chilling clip she recorded appears to show a mumbled voice having a conversation with a terrified Hamer, who screams, “Get out of my house.” It continues to swivel, before uttering “Suck my d—.” “My privacy, my house, my personal stuff and myself… Action has been selling the Maxxter 3D webcams since May this year and has warned anyone who purchased one to change their pin number to stop hackers from accessing their device.

It published a statement on its website: “In response to messages on Facebook and in the media about the possible hacking of a security camera purchased from Action, we would like to inform you that Action takes the security of its customers and the products we sell extremely seriously.

A new film called "The Hunting Ground" offers a disturbing look at sexual assault at colleges around the country.