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This memo is formatted as a registration for a MIME media type per [RFC 2048].However, the format in this memo is equally applicable for use outside of a MIME message content type. This string would label a media type containing calendaring and scheduling information encoded as text characters formatted in a manner outlined below.

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All names of properties, property parameters, enumerated property values and property parameter values are case-insensitive.Current group scheduling and Personal Information Management (PIM) products are being extended for use across the Internet, today, in proprietary ways.This memo has been defined to provide the definition of a common format for openly exchanging calendaring and scheduling information across the Internet.This memo is based on the earlier work of the v Calendar specification for the exchange of personal calendaring and scheduling information.In order to avoid confusion with this referenced work, this memo is to be known as the i Calendar specification.This MIME media type provides a standard content type for capturing calendar event, to-do and journal entry information.

It also can be used to convey free/busy time information.

The content type is suitable as a MIME message entity that can be transferred over MIME based email systems, using HTTP or some other Internet transport.

In addition, the content type is useful as an object for interactions between desktop applications using the operating system clipboard, drag/drop or file systems capabilities.

The i Calendar object methods can be used to define other calendaring and scheduling operations such a requesting for and replying with free/busy time data.

Such a scheduling protocol is defined in the i Calendar Transport-independent Interoperability Protocol (i TIP) defined in [ITIP].

The notation used in this memo is the ABNF notation of [RFC 2234].