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8 rules to dating my daughter

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One good thing about the light traffic -- it wouldn't take as long to get to the club as it normally did, and since someone seemed to be taking her own sweet time getting ready, that was a very good thing.Finally, at about , she called out, "Be honest, tell me what you think! You work hard, you make plans, you start finding the components to make those plans into reality, only then to find out that sometimes reality has its own plan, and it doesn't ever consult with you.

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I'm not sure if he really knows what Rachel does for a living.There will be some boring conversation, some really off-color jokes, and the best food spread prepared by the best caterers in town.It's the kind of party that would make the social section of the -- except no press will be allowed within 2,000 feet of the club tonight.Given the Christmas Eve holiday, traffic was understandably light.It's hard to tell being up so high, but there might have been a few flakes of snow falling in an attempt to make the concrete-gray environment below seem more festive and holiday-like.Before we start digging into the “hows” and the “whys,” I thought it might do us good to have a little sit-down and make sure we’re on the same page, working from the same ideals when it comes to spiffing up our homes.

Down in the South, we call this having a “come to Jesus” meeting. I cannot roll my eyes any harder or more emphatically than when I’m watching a design show where the homeowners say their goal in redecorating is to make their friends and neighbors say “wow!

Rather, the characters are fully developed, because I think it is important to know them as the story plays out. Not that it was really important to be there on time.

****** I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time. And even though I knew how the game was played, I at least tried to play by the rules.

So at the last minute, I had to scramble to find someone I could convince to go with me.

Since I don't really have a lot of attractive young women as friends, and since the agency didn't have anyone available as a substitute for Rachel (and to tell the truth, I probably wouldn't have taken a sub anyway), I called the only person I knew who could fulfill the "aesthetic" requirements of being my companion.

But the biggest reason I did not want to go to the party was that my usual companion Rachel would not be attending with me.