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Noblemen blew their hunting horns as the game began to gallop in a broad line across the forest, both hinds and stags.By the middle of the morning, five hundred carcasses lay in a forest clearing, spread out beneath some lime trees. I will ask the Carle courteously for some food and a roof over our heads until morning.' So they rode quickly towards this castle until they arrived at the outer gate.

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In thick woodland again, they found themselves in great need of somewhere warm and dry to spend the night. 'A carle lives in a castle – the Carle of Carlisle is his name. And by Saint James, there has never been so bold a knight that he did not think it an evil refuge! 'We beseech the lord of this fine castle to give us shelter for the night,' replied Sir Gawain, courteously.Wales was an angle of that isle and here King Arthur stayed at Cardiff once, with many gentle knights, all looking forward to some fine hunting.Sensing the mood of his knights and seizing the moment, King Arthur said to his noblemen: 'Let's hear a Mass. Then we shall go out into the forest to hunt the deer, for the stags have been feeding on the grass all summer and it is time for us to go and disturb their peace!You are all fine-looking gentlemen but my master doesn't do . 'Isn't it obvious that we can travel no further in this mist and rain tonight? Let them in.' Bishop Baldwin and the two knights were brought into the hall where they were shocked and surprised to see four wild animals lying on the floor around the fire. He had broad cheeks, an enormous face and a nose to match.You will leave this place the victims of an assault, be sure of that! Cease your joking and take this message at once, or we will tear down these gates by force! There are three men at the gate, magnificently dressed and armed. One was a great bull, another a boar, there was a lion with some ferocious teeth and a huge bear, unchained. ' The lion stared angrily at the visitors with eyes like coals, the bear growled, the bull snorted and the boar whetted his tusks ferociously against the stone flags of the floor. His beard was grey and his hair hung loose about his chest.King Arthur's knights rode keenly onwards and the king followed behind, with many others – five hundred or more I believe.

Archers were in attendance with their feathered arrows to bring down the fallow deer.

'All our labour has been in vain,' complained Sir Gawain. His guests receive a severe beating, I have heard, and if they escape with their lives it is only through God's blessing. 'I shall convey your message willingly,' said the porter.

'But if this request brings down harm upon you, don't blame me. The four beasts fell down at once onto their haunches and crept beneath a table, terrified of the Carle's stern command. The Carle stared at his visitors with a fierce and unwavering gaze.

Sir Gawain, Sir Kay and Bishop Baldwin chased after a reindeer. 'I shall not forcefully impose myself upon anybody, however much it may be to my advantage to do so, if fair words will persuade the lord of this castle to accommodate me willingly instead. Looking for a means to call the porter, they saw a hammer hanging from a chain.

They rode after it from the middle of the morning until late in the afternoon and the animal did not stop once but led them at last onto an open moor where, as the air began to cool, a mist started to develop. I suggest that we dismount here and spend the hours of darkness in the forest, under this large tree.' 'We shall ride on,' replied Sir Kay arrogantly, 'and find somewhere to lodge for the night. Sir Kay seized this hammer and began knocking with such force that the chain nearly broke.

The Fair Unknown was there, intent upon bringing down the brown deer, along with many respected noblemen, including Sir Pettypace of Winchelsea, who was a fine knight upon a steed.