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”So here I was at my wits end, trying to figure out why, if I was so great, why no guy wanted to commit to me.I’ve read a lot of articles about the hook up culture, and that was the world I guess I lived in.

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k wits.”Some of the “rules” they prescribe – like straightening your hair if it’s curly (mine is) or wearing short skirts or big hoopy earings and high heels are a little bit excessive. The idea is to allow you to feel your most beautiful and confident.Short relationships where the pinnacle of romance is a text instead of a love letter. I wish I would have discovered the rules years and years ago.For one thing, I would have kicked the aforementioned 4 year time-waster to the curb years ago for being an absolute ass.He said he thought it meant that I didn’t have self esteem issues. He took me on dates that he planned ahead, bought me flowers and on holidays and bought me thoughtful gifts.He also thought it meant that I wasn’t the type of girl who slept around, which when a guy is looking for a girl he wants to commit to means a lot. I continued to date (but never be intimate) with others until he told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted a monogamous relationship with me, which really only took a few weeks. He didn’t have a lot of money, so nothing was too expensive—and that was fine by me. I gave him what he needed to fall in love – In a world of easy hook ups, if he wanted to be with me, he had to make some effort…and I gave him space. He told me how he felt when he felt it, and I responded in turn.And after our date that weekend, I gave him a kiss as thank you for the dinner and great conversation—but left him outside my door.

Later in our relationship, he admitted to me that the fact that I didn’t make it easy for him made a huge impression.

I did not approach him, though I kept my face happy and open.

Eventually he came up to me introduced himself and we had a brief conversation. But apparently he did.3 months later, I was coincidentally at the same bar meeting a friend of mine. We chatted and this time, knowing I wasn’t going to make it easy for him, he made sure to get my number.

If you’re getting male attention with curly hair, studs and flats, I don’t particularly think you need to change, but dressing sexy and grooming well says “I take care of myself.” The idea of being a “creature unlike any other” means you value yourself, and a man should value you if he is going to be worth your time.

By the time I had fully embraced the rules, I realized that there was no manipulation involved.

I would go out by myself if necessary just to be around people. 2 didn’t guarantee I would have a date on the weekends and 5 was less like dating and more like crowd control.