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Accomodating children with dyslexia

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Developing a Section 504 Plan If parents believe their child needs a 504 plan, they must make a written request to ask the school to evaluate a child for eligibility for accommodations under Section 504.But teachers, administrators and other school personnel can also request an evaluation.

Anyone under stress knows one thing: learning will not happen with fear.Dyslexic readers should have access to audio books as much as possible. Marked Down For Spelling Errors I see this happening a lot with dyslexia kids. If my student has mastered the FLOSS Rule, then I will expect them to try their best to apply that rule in their writing.Listen, they know they have a hard time with spelling. teacher that holding kids with dyslexia accountable for the lessons that have had explicit phonics instruction is a good thing. The key is to have accountability in spelling in small doses, not overwhelmingly long lists of rules.Once the Section 504 has been developed and accepted by the parents and the school, it is a legal contract.The school is responsible for making sure all aspects of the agreement are carried out.Give tools, practice things like skip counting and looking for patterns in multiples, instead. The Same Homework When I was a classroom teacher, I was guilty of giving out the Monday packet to be completed and turned in by Friday.

There is a great debate going on about giving homework at all.

During the evaluation, the team reviews recent report cards and grades, standardized test scores, discipline reports and talks with parents and teachers about school performance.

If a child has been privately evaluated for dyslexia, this report will probably be included.

SSR is futile if a child is reading a book that is too challenging or abandoning books every day.

No one wants to see a struggling reader left out to pasture in a manner of words.

If the student has other conditions, such as ADHD, a doctor's report may have been submitted.