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They asked if they could watch and Gillian blurted out yes.Gillian was now grinding on me, working my cock deep inside her dripping canal.

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The pockets of the blouse just covered her nipples so they were hidden, but her flawless 34C breasts were clearly visible.When we got home, I told Gillian that I would go check it out, and if it seemed safe we could go for a visit.The next afternoon, I arrived home and Gillian asked if I had visited the theater. I explained that it was pretty dark but the screen lit up the theater enough to see around your area.We began watching the movie where a woman was engulfing one guy in her mouth; while being penetrated by two others at the same time.I put my hand on Gillian's thigh as she leaned over and told me she thought this was the craziest thing we had ever done. I slid my hand up her thigh and could feel her already moist, impeccably trimmed womanhood.It appeared that one of the guys was masturbating while watching but I couldn't be sure.

I then went to the private room area and there were several guys watching different movies and in one room there was a guy on his knees giving a blowjob to another man while watching a gay porn movie.

I agreed and we decided that if no other couples were there, we could always take off quickly after short peek.

We made it to Thursday night and I was sitting dressed in the family room.

I told her the private rooms were small but big enough for two to four people and the private rooms showed all types of movies from guy/girl to girl/girl to gangbang, guy/guy and so forth.

I described to her that I sat down in the main theater and watched part of the movie with a couple of other guys.

Our Visit to Cinema Two Adult Theater It was Thursday night, Couples Night. Several weeks ago, while taking a detour around road construction, Gillian and I ran across the Cinema 2 Adult Theater.