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The implementation of value-based care models adds to existing demands on providers to demonstrate increased clinical productivity and financial efficiency.Reliant Medical Group has initiated changes across its organization that support clinical staff in improving care quality -- and at the same time, mitigate the myriad factors contributing to provider burnout.

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But how can providers transition from collecting big data to leveraging it effectively?Join our panelists to learn about the strategies, technologies, and data-driven techniques required to achieve truly value-based practice transformation.Kristan Langdon, DNP-c, MSN, NP-C, Emory School of Nursing/Emory Healthcare Bill Gillis, Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization Helen Waters, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, MEDITECH A significant challenge of value-based care is demonstrating continued quality improvement year over year.Without a quality measurement program that evolves alongside the work of providers to treat patient populations with increasing levels of effectiveness, organizations are unlikely to demonstrate continued improvements to clinical efficiency and patient outcomes.In his keynote, National Quality Forum’s Jason Goldwater will discuss the need for dynamic, longitudinal measurement of quality to sustain success in value-based care in to the future. Goldwater, MPA, MA, Senior Director, National Quality Forum Risk-based financial models require organizations to take a new approach to keeping patients engaged, informed, and able to help providers keep unnecessary costs low.No coding skills are required – just an interest in how to leverage this new generation of health IT tools to access actionable insights into key clinical and financial challenges.

After an introduction to FHIR by Micky Tripathi, Project Manager of the Argonaut Project, and short demonstrations of each application, attendees will have an opportunity to explore the use cases in detail with small breakout discussion groups.

And in many cases, health plans and private payers are quite willing to strike a deal – if a service has proven its value.

This workshop will bring together telehealth and telemedicine experts, health system administrators and payer representatives to discuss how these new contracts are negotiated.

President & CEO Tarek Elsawy, MD, will detail how Reliant's novel approach to team-based care is revolutionizing care delivery for both its providers and patients.

Tarek Elsawy, MD, FACP, President & CEO, Reliant Medical Group Healthcare organizations don’t need data.

Kennedy Community Health Center HL7 FHIR has quickly become one of the hottest acronyms in the health IT lexicon…but what is it, how is it used, and what can it actually do to improve the quality of care?