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Creating a Culture of Consistency streamlines the classroom and allows for maximum use of instructional time.Have a Plan One of the most successful, collegiate football coaches was Paul “Bear” Bryant from the University of Alabama.

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As she completes each item, she checks it off the list.Show students you are ready for learning to take place and that you expect them to be ready to learn the moment they enter the classroom.A Complete First-Day Script Checklist Sally Lutz is a tenth-grade, Intensive Reading, high school teacher in Florida.The plan outlines classroom procedures (what students are to DO in the classroom) and ensures the classroom runs smoothly.Your readiness before the first day of school is an excellent predictor of your success and effectiveness for the rest of the school year.The saying, “First impressions are lasting impressions,” rings true.

The first day of school is the most important day of the school year—not a day to play it by ear.

Invest time to prepare, so that before the bell rings for a new school year, your students are following procedures as they begin their journey for a successful year ahead.

Create a classroom environment with a Culture of Consistency, so students know what will happen every day.

Running through the door when the bell is ringing is not acceptable.

The classroom is set up and conducted as a place of professional business.

If the student is tardy or absent, a designated area and bin will house work that was missed.