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Adult dating service phone numbers

It doesn't bother me to do that, although it does set off something in the back of my head.I then want to get a sense of that person, either on the phone or the meet(date) about whether they are safety minded, or paranoid.

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One said she won't even give out her # until they've met first meet.She said one guy got irritated with her, when he was on the phone with her making arrangements to meet, and on the call he asked for her number then, only because he felt when they would arrive, he could contact her in case someone got lost or something.He backed out of meeting her, simply because I'm assuming it was emasculating for him or something. Or just went with his gut, and figured that this wasn't normal for dating.I've never had any man care about me calling from a blocked number. Perhaps it's the optomist in me, who keeps thinking, the person for me is right around the corner.Sometimes it takes a few dates before the crazy comes out so again it's a matter of deciding whether or not to give the person your number. Even given that though, unless someone was bat-sh1t crazy, I wouldn't need to worry.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

Did a search on this, there were "similar" threads, but couldn't find one like this one.

I agree that at some point if you're dating you're going to have to exchange numbers but all the men I've met online have been very sensitive to women's feelings about safety and very respectful about the whole number thing.

On the other hand I don't give my number out very often-I'm very careful about it so maybe my being cautious has helped me have better experiences when I have given my number. Now from time to time, I have thought about the need for a dating phone, but have failed to act on it.

So if a big part of a womans concern is what kind of men are so crazy, why wouldn't they for 20 or 25 dollars a month, buy a throw away cell phone for dating?

I mean it speaks to their issues, adds a degree of safety at a minimum cost.

The same goes for women who won't give their phone number until the in-person first meeting.