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Internet and Wi-Fi: Xcelerate, Celebrity's high-speed internet, allows for faster web browsing, less time spent waiting for pages to load and video-streaming capabilities with easier access to Netflix, You Tube, Face Time and Skype.The internet service is available fleetwide with the exception of Galapagos-based expedition ships.

(Discounts vary by ship.) Cell Phones: Carnival passengers can use their phones fleetwide to make calls, text and surf the web using data or Wi-Fi; roaming charges from cell phone carriers apply.Internet and Wi-Fi: Carnival offers shipwide Wi-Fi on all vessels, plus for-fee Wi-Fi access in HUB internet cafes.Additionally, the line offers an app -- Carnival HUB -- that is free to download and use onboard (even without a Wi-Fi package).The app offers easy access to data such as deck plans, ship schedules, dining info, and Sail & Sign shipboard account balances.For $5 per sailing, passengers ages 13 and older can access the app's chat feature. initiative, all Carnival ships will have [email protected] enhanced internet by the end of 2016.Some lines charge by the minute, and others offer daily or voyage-long packages. Plus, a lot of major cruise lines are beginning to offer tiered usage packages that are priced based on the types of sites and online services passengers use.

For example, Royal Caribbean has one package for those who just want to browse the web or send emails and another more expensive package for passengers intending to stream shows and movies.

For heavy internet users, a $25 a day "premium" plan gives access to a faster internet speed and Skype access.

All of the plans exclude Snapchat use and video streaming.

Carnival Corp., too, is improving the internet on all 10 of its lines and will be introducing these kinds of tiered usage packages.

River cruise lines typically offer flat rates or even free internet.

Fees: All ships offer three internet packages: The "social" plan is $5 per day for unlimited access to social media networks, but not email or web browsing.