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The 53-year-old must surrender to a designated prison facility, which has not yet been determined, on November 6. The distraught man was still wearing his wedding band after he was seen heading to court from the apartment he shares with wife Huma Abedin, who is divorcing him.His brother, mother and father sat behind him in court but Abedin was not present.

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He went on to run for mayor of New York City.'New York is a forgiving place,' Devlin-Brown said.After Weiner's sentence is served, he must undergo internet monitoring and must have no contact with his victim.He must also enroll in a sex-offender treatment program.He shook and clutched a tissue as he said he had saved his remarks about his son until the end, knowing how emotional he would become.He said that he was finally teaching his son Jordan the right lessons. Weiner continued: 'I victimized a young person who deserved better' but added that he 'know[s] my recovery is real'.He said that he was finally teaching his son Jordan the right lessons.

'I am living in amends to him,' he said'I am profoundly sorry. I live a different and better life today.'I focus on how I live my new, smaller, healthier life one day at a time. I am not asking that I be trusted.'I ask you for the opportunity on probation to keep my sworn oath.' Judge Cote said that she had read letters from the victim, her father and grandmother, along with two letters from the public, including one from a ‘concerned New Yorker’. Attorney’s Office, made the case for the prosecution as to why Weiner should serve jail time and his request for probation be rejected.

His lawyer asked if Schuylkill in Pennsylvania could be considered because they don't want him to be in maximum security, even if it is New York.

The judge asked if his defense attorneys wanted to recommend he stay in New York.

The attorney asked the judge that Weiner be granted probation to continue with the treatment he was taking so seriously.'His sickness was a driver and he’s in recovery,’'Devlin-Brown said. In sentencing Weiner, Judge Cote said: 'This is a serious crime that deserves serious punishment.'She also said that the victim’s motives were 'irrelevant'.'She is a minor, she is a victim,' she said.

'She is entitled to the law’s full protection.'Cote acknowledged how committed Weiner was to recovery and said that his support of others with sexual problems could become a 'true public service'.'He has made great strides but it will remain a struggle for years to come,' she said.

'I was a very sick man for a very long time but I‘m also responsible for the damage I have done. I convinced myself that I wasn’t the problem.'I have a disease but no excuse. if I had done the right thing, I would not be standing before you today. Judge Cote described the letters as 'extraordinarily brave'. Kramer said that Weiner had 'asked a real 15-year-old to show him her naked body and perform sexually', calling his crime a 'serious felony'.