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There was also a DJ, who traded sets with the band. The theme song was Firehouse's "Love of a Lifetime." The crowning of the King and Queen was done at .

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2nd Row: Shannon Hartzler, Phil Smucker, Kristen Milton, Matt Grieser, Maria Blan- co, Mark Miller, Angela Yoder, and Eric Harley. Guard' RED music filled the air as the gracious listeners responded with trophies, awards, and applause from various contests, festivals and functions. Chad Stutzman working hard to impress his girlfriend. There were a variety of plants placed around the gym resembling a small jungle. However, the masks and chandeliers all over the gym made it look like a real masquerade. Lisa Shidler and Chris Lehman taking a snack break. ...e 1992 Graduation Ceremony began with the invoca- were Chad Springer, Student Council president; Ben Yost, Valedictorian/president; Julie Goss, Vice president; and Julie Cammock. Grieser, president of the Goshen Community School Board. NO* 60 ,to- C\ass bet 01 1 • Graduation Marty Miller and Mike Miller ready to get their diplomas. With a record of 21-4, the club possessed the most wins of any team since the 1969 John Ritter — led ball club.

Senior Matt Grieser was named the tournaments MVP with his performance in wins over Bethany Christian and Northwood.

(B) Having some Halloween fun are Kristi Peterson, Kariann Konopinski, and Cari Malcom. Jim Robey, Panyako, Betts and Hartsough fin- ****** \0 Re lays Glenn Stutsman, Joe Kenawell, Greig Huber, and Graham Clark. The gym, which did not even resemble the gym, was decorated elaborately with gold, burgundy and dark green colors.

\ 4 4 (A) Heidi Hershberger, Jenny Tripple, Krista Burnett, Jen Lambdin (B) Mary Miller, Patsy Keim, Sandy Donoho, Nelda Miller, Paul Williams. "My most memorable moment was when we had a 'fire' in the boiler room and the fire dept. I was hoping to go home, but they made us stay outside and freeze." — Connie Gerwels (A) Amy Chupp (B) The rowdy boys at lunch time in the gym lobby. Bardwell finished third in high hurdles despite a career-best time of 14.97 seconds and also ran on the victorious sprint relay team with Lankford, Shawn Betts and Shad Hartsough. Joe Kenawell, Glenn Stutsman, Greig Huber and Clark won the 1600 relay. She might as well be wearing band aid." "My zipper broke. I'm not quite sure what was said in the boy's bathroom, but I really don't think that I want to know what was said.

Opening 3 "My most memorable moment was working countless hours after school during homecoming week to make the Junior hall the best decorated in GHS history. " Blake Eckelbarger It's Simply A Matter Of Taste t ? In addition, Clark anchored the 1600 relay team to victory and also ran in the winning 800 relay unit with Ryan Lankford, Jerrod Bardwell and Tom Panyako. They were all common worries or statements said in the girls bathroom on the evening of prom.

Graham Clark defended his long jump title with a leap of 20'3V4", over 13" better than the second place finisher.

The choir ended it's season by competing in New York joined by the GHS orchestra.