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Rovno is situated in the Northern-Western part of Ukraine.

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It is also the administrative centre of Rovno region.You can learn the history of the city and region at the Rovno Regional Museum of Local Art, Architecture and Lore.This museum also has a unique collection of Volyn icons from the 13th-18th centuries.Every district in the Rovno region is a treasury of history and tradition.For instance, Prince Igors oak tree (Ukraine's oldest) grows here, dated at more than 1300 years old!Dubno is one of Ukraine's oldest cities, a fortress-city during the late middle ages.

The highlights of the State Historic and Cultural Reserve are a castle dating back to the 16th century, The Holy Transfiguration Cathedral from the 17th century and the Lutsk Gates from the 15th 16th centuries, which was the foundation of the citys stronghold.

Ancient chronicles date its first mention back to1282.

In the 14th century Rovno became an important trade city and then obtained Magdeburg Rights (an autonomous administration form of government first began in Magdeburg).

The local light yellow and green amber is famous beyond the borders of this region.

It was even used as fragments in the renovation of the famous Amber Room in Russia.

In 1576 Europes first Slavonic-Greek-Latin academy was established and it was considered very prestigious to study here.