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With the modification of the ordering codes, the numbers for the dolls are determined partially by release order and partially by American Girl.

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Several released outfits, accessories, and items were intended to mimic the Historical Characters lines with Meet, School, Holiday, Birthday, Summer, and Winter like collections.As American Girl Today 19 had already been modified to have green eyes in 1999, this removed every grey-eyed modern doll from the line, and all grey-eyed dolls available at the time except Molly.This has been retroactively been assumed to be because the color was more prone to the silver eye defect.Thus, if a doll does not come available with hazel eyes, dark skin, and red curly hair, one cannot be made on site and is only available through the Create Your Own line at a higher cost.The only way Truly Me dolls can be modified at purchase is ear piercing, sold without hair or with hearing aids; ear piercing and hearing aids must be ordered at time of purchase and bald dolls are either available by calling in to Customer Service or ordering the four available on-site.The line was slightly renamed to "American Girl Today." The dolls now came with only one blank book (the "Meet" book) and a writing guide. Initial releases of the Girls of the Year were released under the American Girl Today logo.

The first Mattel Doll was released, American Girl Today 21.

A lot of outfits and accessory sets reflect the era they are released in, with older outfits having a dated quality of fashion.

With more acknowledgement of disabilities and allergies, accessory sets have included references to disability beyond the use of a wheelchair and glasses such as diabetes, hearing aids other physical needs, and assistance pets.

See: List of Truly Me Outfits, List of Truly Me Accessories, List of Truly Me Furniture Along with the dolls, American Girl releases several outfits that are intended to reflect the current fashion trends for modern girls.

Outfits generally are assumed to have a life cycle of about two to three years.

Instead, purchasers are encouraged to name and create the doll's personality themselves.