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Anarchist online dating

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That is why relationship anarchy is perfect for me. Alternatives to monogamy are getting more attention and are being taken as more normal than in previous slut-shaming days.

Not letting people outside of your relationship dictate your relationship doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be considerate towards our metamours.This leaves room for both of us to date others with freedom, let those relationships grow organically, and allows our relationship to grow.It is what we prefer to placing limits on each other’s relationships.It wouldn’t be true to say “there is no wrong way to do relationship anarchy.” It would be wrong to not communicate about this being your relationship style or be honest throughout any and all relationships.In nonmonogamous relationships, an existing marriage or relationship often is rewarded certain privileges.Basically, relationship anarchy means that only the people within the relationship dictate what they want that relationship to look like.

Societal norms for relationships are questioned and often discarded.

I won’t date people who give their partners veto power, make rules about what their partner can feel, make rules about what their partner can do sexually, etc.

Dating only people who value their autonomy as much as I do means that my partner and I are the only people making decisions within our relationship and it really helps to uncomplicate things.

I have a few undefined relationships with people who I don’t see often and still mean a lot to me.

I think on average I value friendship and nonromantic parts of relationships more than most people.

It is hard to imagine or talk about our relationship ending because it is currently not what either of us wants.