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Are dana tyler and phil collins still dating

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She stayed steadfast, worked hard, and one day her dream came true: The people discovered her; they came to listen; they cried for more. In 1981, he launched his solo career with the still-iconic “In the Air Tonight” and hit after hit followed, thirteen in the top ten by decade’s end.

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And then the ’90s dawned, and in much the same way that it did for the singer in “Duchess,” everything came crashing down.And then, in 2015, the decision to come out of retirement, to re-release his solo catalogue, and to publish an autobiography, which came out this October.And that’s when a funny thing happened: People welcomed the news.While this is not on the same level as insulting people’s race or sexual orientation, it still says something about the catty, superficial nature…Duke that could, in hindsight, be considered a cautionary tale for the man who sang it. Need I remind his detractors that during each of his tours from But Seriously through his Final Farewell tours, Phil raised money for the local homeless shelters in each location he played in & then personally matched the donation. 😊 by Allister Thompson I retired from blogging about music in July of 2015, after many years of frequent posting. However, I am coming out of retirement for this one special post, one which I feel compelled to write.

Those who are petitioning against Phil’s impending comeback, need to seriously re-examine his career & body of work well beyond that of “Sussudio” & “One More Night” to rediscover what an amazing musician & human being Phil Collins truly is.

The one vouch he did receive was itself an indictment, coming as it did from Patrick Bateman, the fictional serial killer in Bret Easton Ellis’s novel American Psycho.

In 1996, Phil Collins moved to Switzerland to live with Orianne Cevey, who is twenty-three years his junior, and whom he married in 1999.

Cyberbullying, cyberracism, cybersexism, hey, call whoever whatever names you like. One thing making the rounds this week was some jerk’s petition to demand Phil Collins not make a comeback to music.

How many other rock musicians can say they’ve done that? Anyone with an ethical bone in his or her body knows that we have entered a really weird cultural period, dominated by the Internet’s insidious role in life, every fool’s newfound outlet to spew whatever crap he or she wants, no matter how idiotic or hurtful.

Music critics scurried to put out articles tracing Phil Collins’s genius both as a drummer and a producer, falling over themselves to point out his role in cultivating the “gated reverb,” and wryly insisting that everyone, whether we choose to admit it or not, loves us a little bit of Phil Collins.