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Are kimberly locke and harvey walden still dating

are kimberly locke and harvey walden still dating-16

get the fuck outta here if she had the baby for a hood nigga she would have sit her ass somewhere I have no respect for this chick.She knew what she was getting into when she slept with a married man.

Jay saw all the drama that this outside child caused and he is already paying 1 lady off about their son in Trinidad and he was damn sure not gonna let that happen again!!! And alot of married women turn the blind eye on their man's cheating so Tina knew and hell for all ya'll know--- she may have a man and has had 1 for years!!!!Theres many things that money can not buy people in this life folks. These interviewers need to start asking Beyonce what is going on and if she doesn't want to answer those question, she needs to back up out of the spot light for a minute until everything die down because ppl are gonna keep making accusations!The media and blog readers won't stop until they make Beyonce commit suicide. Or until she becomes a drug addict because then there will be something wrong with her. Wow, chick is living off of Beyonce's money (whatever support/hush money she got from Knowles is from Beyonce's work.) You already brought your child into the world through an affair/infidelity.She claims to 'My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay-Z was, 'Are you out of your mind?' 'Nothing in the world, no amount of money would make me give up my child, you can't buy my child from me! I don't know why he suggested it.' Alexasandra claims she recorded their alleged conversation, yet no recorded audio or video has been released..Yet she also says, Mat prayed for a boy and really wanted the child. ANOTHER IS ENVENTED BY SOMEBODY TRYING TO MAKE A DOLLAR... Suggest vist this site for shopping, all brands Bikini,fashion style,cheap price ==== jordan air max oakland raiders $30--39; Handbags $30 T shirts $15 Jean(True $30 Sunglasses $15 New era cap $15 Bikini $20 ==== ----- ~ ¤ ╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╭⌒╮╭⌒╮~╭⌒╮ Air Jordan 35$ ,)))),'')~~ ,''~) ╱◥█◣ ╱◥█◣ Nike 35$ |田|田||田|田| POLO SHIRT 15$ ╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬ 2011 NEWNEW FASHION IN VOKOSHOP Oh My Word!!!

She also says she doubts if Beyonce, who reportedly hasn't spoken to her dad since she fired him as her manager several months ago, knew anything about Mathew making an offer to buy the baby. Can we please not hear anything else about this mess? The mystery other father of Beys, fake baby, jays mistery preteen, now this TRICK...... I Was Just Reading An Article About Gisel Manier Being Bey's Biological father.

It's unclear when exactly Mat asked her to give up the baby, if he did at all.

And it's unclear as to whether Mat wanted The Carters to raise baby Nixon as their OWN child and/or in place of their own baby people are for whatever reason doubting they are actually having.

Icing on the cake, she tried to pay her way with her vagina and secure a fraudulent career people work their asses off for.

What a waste, poor baby has a whore for a mother and a lying douche for a father.

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