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Asus transformer weather widget not updating

The new JB upgrade and subsequent upgrades to that have really helped. For the browser, I switched to Chrome and have had no issues, just have to go to the stock browser for flash related content.

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Combine that with it' s low price and Apple is outdone and forgotten. Update I originally bought this for my wife, after spending some time using the tablet, I've decided to purchase another one for myself.The Apple OS is more polished than Android, but Android has come very far since it's humble beginnings and I believe it will surpass IOS very soon.But, it's good enough now for us to thoroughly enjoy these tablets and has given me a reason to ditch our i Phones and go with Samsung Galaxy S's as well.I tested the GPS with the unit tethered to my i Phone and it works flawlessly.Wifi reception is so good, it found more servers around my house than any other device I own and has had full strength connected to mine since I fired it up, regardless of where I use it in the house.You’ll get it as an OTA update and it will bring lots of improvements. ASUS App: (1) App Backup AP upgrade - Add App Guide feature (2) Email AP upgrade - Add threading View feature - Add Partial download feature - Add rush hour settings - Add Out-Of-Office Settings (3) Weather Widget upgrade - Add 4-days weather forecast - Add City List feature (4) My Library upgrade - Add PDF annotation feature (5) System Bar Lock upgrade - Default enable System Bar Lock (6) Add Global File Search Feature (7) Add ASUS My Frame Live Wallpaper (8) Add Power Saver settings (9) Add Screen Saver feature (10) Add Multiple Photo Selection feature 3.

Unfortunately it will also remove the Wi-Fi Direct and the Adobe Flash support. Accessory - Micro HDMI to VGA cable: Enable audio output from pad.

This is a stunning display even if it falls short of the highest pixel count available.

Some purists will say the display isn't up to par, but that's ridiculous.

If you do not meet the requirements, please do not try to install, thank you!

A few days after the US owners got the Android Jelly Bean update, Asus Finland announced that it will be coming to Finland later this week.

I've discovered that MANY times video will not play unless I switch to the high performance setting.