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Wenn Du dann noch unseren Schnupperzugang wählst hat Du noch mal 5 Minuten Livecam gratis. Unsere Kunden werden regelmässig über neue Gewinspiele informiert und mit Gratiscoins belohnt.

Gleichzeitig suchen sie immer neue private Sexkontakte, um ständig neue privat Pornos und privat pics zu erstellen.Facebook Video Chat is a third party plugin for Facebook that allows you to video and audio chat via Facebook.Video and audio chatting are now possible in Facebook thanks to Skype integration and Facebook Video Chat simply offers an alternative way of doing it.It adds 4 extra icons to your Facebook chat dialog window - a webcam, a microphone, a games icon and a smiley.The installation of Facebook Video Chat is a bit suspicious however.It tries to install the Babylon toolbar, make Babylon your default webpage and make it your default search engine.

However, even if you deselect the check boxes, it still places a Babylon installer on your desktop although doesn't appear to install any of the components.

Finally, the smiley icon simply sends a smiley to the recipient - not exactly sophisticated.

Facebook Video Chat isn't really necessary now that Skype is integrated with Facebook but if you're really having troubles with Facebook's integrated video and audio chat, it may be worth a try.

When you've finished installation, your browser will open automatically with a message of congratulations telling you to log into Facebook.

If you're using Firefox, Facebook Video Chat also requires installing an add-on which it does automatically although this requires re-starting your browser afterwards.

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