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Ave maria catholic dating

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But for the site’s members, the issue of faith is essential — it goes beyond a person’s occupation or hair color and reflects one’s deepest values.

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If you’re looking to meet a nice Jewish boy or girl, has over half a million members hoping to do the same thing.Here, we look in depth at these three sites and share the stories of those for whom they’ve worked and those for whom they haven’t.For Catholics like Jeff and Nicole Whitfield, these sites are as much about encountering God in both quiet and dramatic ways as they are about meeting their mates.Other sites, like, are just fronts for much larger matchmaking engines.In fact, a prospective dater at Catholic Matchmaker, in just two quick links, can “meet lonely housewives” or place naked ads on sites that would make porn star Jenna Jameson blush.Two recent Catholic Singles “members of the month” are a 23-year-old white male from Delaware who describes himself as a conservative Catholic and lists as one of his favorite movies, alongside a 41-year-old Latina woman who says she’s looking for a “non-conservative Catholic” guy “with a big heart who is also politically and socially conscious.” The success stories of people who have found love — even marriage — from a contact made through Catholic, reflects the site’s diversity as well as its commitment to giving single Catholics a forum to meet kindred spirits.

Whether it’s Kierstin (last name not listed) celebrating “finding a ‘nice Catholic boy'” or Tom and Michelle Fox’s assertion that “We know God brought us together through this venue,” the users of Catholic run the gamut from culturally Catholic to intensely religious.

Three Catholic sites, however, proclaim themselves as the only authentic Catholic online singles services in the United States: the oldest and the most diverse is Catholic-owned Catholic, while Catholic has the biggest numbers and the most aggressive web presence, and Ave Maria boasts a more focused and targeted approach.

While Catholic, Catholic and Ave Maria each approaches its Catholic-ness differently, for all three, it is the selling point and market niche, not to mention the spiritual reason for being.

Catholic Thrive launched with its first conference in Anaheim, CA, and is hitting New York City this Labor Day weekend.

Catholic Singles’ members are an impressively diverse crowd, not easily categorized, who are unified only by their faith — even if their experience and practice of that faith varies widely…

“I would say that the only thing unique is that the Catholics that come to our site put a higher priority on their faith — they’re specifically looking for other Catholics.” Actually, Catholics have plenty of options, though some sites are a little more about the dating and a lot less about the Catholic.