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Azerbaijan dating women

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In my experience, a sympathetic nod and a change of subject is the best way to deal with those kinds of comments.

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The current government in Azerbaijan Republic is not as democratic as western countries, although it has a constitution.If you know how to play either Chess or Backgammon ask for an opportunity to play with them.Please do not discuss local politics since most people were brought up during the Soviet era and they feel uncomfortable talking about the “forbidden” subject of politics.I would start by talking about work, and then slowly bring up the family.Azeris are very warm-hearted people; including family helps them get to know you better and bridges the gap.Establishing a personal connection is very essential, since in many decisions, business or otherwise, individual relations precede other aspects involved in making decisions.

You could talk about your children, what they are studying, and what kinds of sports they participate in.

However dressing well is always preferred to dressing down.

Family, work, and where you are from are all good discussion topics when you’re meeting someone for the first time.

Instead there is a lot of telling of jokes, especially longer jokes known as ‘anecdotes’.

People in Azerbaijan are not generally comfortable with someone who is closing in on them.

Avoid coarse language as part of humour or otherwise.