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Backdating employment

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Be sure that you are applying disciplinary action in a fair and consistent manner.If Mary is not disciplined for returning from her lunch break 10 minutes late, then you would be hard pressed to write-up another employee for this same violation.

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So I signed up late May, and have since been deducted for 4 past weeks, for the entire month I was eligible for coverage, even though I didn't sign up for it.Generally, employers are viewed in a more favorable light if they have documentation demonstrating that the employee was previously warned and/or counseled, and that the employee was put on notice about performance issues.Without such supporting documentation, employers significantly increase their risk of not being believed by the finder of fact.This has resulted in an unnecessary delay in getting the client the needed items.” Fully Analyze Performance Problems.When documenting sub-standard job performance, it is critical for the employee to understand your expectations.Discipline should be imposed on a consistent and objective basis. Use objective terms that actually describe the performance issue, and avoid vague, subjective criticisms.

For example, criticisms such as “not a team player,” “doesn’t fit in well,” or “fails to follow procedures,” are not helpful because you need to provide additional information so that the reader (i.e., the jury or the judge) gets the full picture.

It is clearly stated that would happen, but I'm wondering how its legal to charge me for services I didn't sign up for? The deductions are for paying a benefit offered to you.

When employment is terminated the benefits only last out the month of employment, so if I quit in the latter part of a month, the insurance company gets to keep almost 4 weeks of my money. You enrolled in late May, but they're making your effective day of coverage 5/1.

I have not had ANY insurance coverage since 2005 so pardon me for asking questions oh know it all's.

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If employee's could wait until the end of the month to sign up for coverage, only pay a week's worth of premiums, and submit claims going back the whole month, then everyone would do it. The only info I got was that no matter what I was going to pay for a month of what seems to be no coverage.