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Superboy first appeared in More Fun Comics #101 (January/February 1945, published in late 1944).

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After the appeal of kid superheroes had been demonstrated by the success of Robin, the Boy Wonder and similar characters, Detective Comics reversed itself in late 1944 and started publishing a Superboy feature, in an effort to expand the Superman franchise by presenting a version of the character to whom younger readers could easily relate.Most of his adventures take place in the fictional American town of Smallville.The first pitch for a "Superboy" character was originally made by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel (without fellow Superman co-creator Joe Shuster) in November 1938.Though Superboy regularly interacts with the Smallville police, Chief Douglas Parker, who first appears in Adventure Comics #225 (1956), is the first officer to become a regular supporting character.Pete Ross first appears in Superboy #86 (1961) and quickly becomes Clark's best friend—and just four issues later, the guardian of his secret identity after accidentally finding it out while witnessing him changing into his costume.Superboy first appeared in the comic book More Fun Comics #101 in 1945.

Superboy is Superman in his preteen and teenage years.

Billed as "The Adventures of Superman When He Was a Boy", Superboy stories in both Adventure Comics and Superboy treat him as essentially a junior version of Superman.

To that end, he wears the Superman costume and his alter ego Clark Kent wears glasses as a disguise for his civilian identity.

Superboy is a fictional superhero that appears in American comic books published by DC Comics.

The character was created by Jerry Siegel and Don Cameron and is based on the character of Superman that Siegel co-created with Joe Shuster.

This fact increased an already-growing rift between the publisher and Siegel and Shuster.