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Barbra walters dating a married senator

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I also had some private time with his charming wife Judy, who remains very much in love with Sonny, and has borne him two now-grown children.Sonny invited me to his show a couple of days later.

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After I got out of school, I went into the Air Force, and I met Elvis in 1958 when I was home before he was going to Germany. SJ - You met at a roller-skating rink is that right? My cousin introduced me and three of my sisters to him. She could relate more to Elvis needing us than anyone else. There are reports he found Ursula Andress a bit cold. John was almost as pretty as Elvis, he was a good-looking guy. SJ - I've seen photos of them holding hands on the set of Roustabout. Later she told him why she didn't want to get close to him at first.It was very much worthwhile, and I'd urge any fans to take the time to see it - Scott Jenkins.Scott Jenkins: Sonny, firstly welcome to Australia and thanks for giving us your time.When he asked me to go to work for him, I said 'Doing what? He had to do a TV show down there, the one with Frank Sinatra. The co-stars loved him; they were included in the pranks and getting him and so on. We had a good time and there wasn't a lot of pressure. SJ - When he talked to you privately about the films, particularly in the sixties when they were pretty bad, what did he say? SW - No, he wasn't embarrassed, he thought they were like travelogues. He thought she was adorable: she was petite like he liked. They had the same look: dark hair, smouldering features. So we kept stretching, and wrestling Indian- style just to loosen him up. But when he hit that stage, the curtain opened, and the audience was loud. He wasn't in the jumpsuits at this time, he had this karate thing he used to wear. SJ - I can't believe RCA didn't record that actual show, and that they waited a couple of weeks to record Elvis' first live stuff in years.He said when he came back we were going to go to Nashville and record some songs and then out to Hollywood to make some movies. SJ - You've described the movie period as your favourite time with Elvis. And at that time, Elvis was still able to go out on the streets and not draw huge crowds like he did later. SJ - Eventually, the sixties movies seemed to be the first rut that he got into. 'If I go to Hawaii, I sing to girls and I fight guys. He also had a great relationship with Shelley Fabares. But she said to him, 'I'm dating someone', and she said it was serious so he backed off. So anyway, the next picture he went after her again. 'He was gorgeous, and you're gorgeous', she said to Elvis. SW - I think the historic value of the show- the mistakes, the sound problems in the first few nights could have worked, it would have made a hell of an album.It didn't matter if you had one child or ten, you could only make a certain amount of money, and if you made more than that you had to move out.

There were six of us, it was called the Lamar Terrace- very poor.

Do you think he was a bit scared to try something too new?

SW - It could have been a little bit of fear there. But then- you have to remember they were together six or seven years, and a lot of love can go away between some people in that amount of time.

Far from being the aggressive thug he's been portrayed elsewhere, I found him to be a very generous man who obviously still loves Elvis after all these years.

None of us was there when it all went down, so we really can't form opinions until someone close to Elvis speaks out.

We were poor but we were a loving family, and there were always kids to play with. And Elvis told us never to leave him alone with her.