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In his day, it was the current style (barring some few individual idiosyncrasies), and every competent musician was well up in it; but today a musician has to do a certain violence to himself to write in it, let alone improvising in it. This joyous Trio is developed at some length, then dies away, and thus makes way for the return of the first part of the movement, which is then repeated. 147 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON CHOICEST DIAMONDS SELECTED VERY CAREFULLY RARE GEMS-RUBIES, EMERALDS, SAPPHIRES, THE FINEST a. It is highly probable, however, that both it and the Pastoral (No. We show an almost unlimited assortment of designs and patterns for all needs. — Now, Vitellia, the hour strikes, the serious hour of the great trial. t H6) Orinda Kaughphy A blend of two o F the Rnest Coffees produced in the world.

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All music performed at these con certs in stock, generally in the well- known cheap editions. As in most concerted works by Handel, the score is incomplete, much being left for the organist to fill out. LEW AN DO'S French Cleansers, Fancy Dyers, Fine Launderers, 17 Temple Place, Boston. It takes a good deal of study at times to tell whether Mozart wished a grace-note to be played as an appoggiatura or an acciaccatura ; he used the two signs indifferently, with complete nonchalance ; he was also careless in distinguishing between the sign for common time and that for alia breve time. (14) THE CELEBRATED eoty Corset Is manufactured in Paris^ France, and can be obtained in the United States only of Jordan, Marsh & Co. We invite comparison as to quality, style, and price, and, if not found satis- factory, we will refund the full amount paid if returned in good condition within three days of the date of pur- chase. He hands her another letter, tells her of the plot against her, and she feigns sickness. , about 1785), Bernardino Ottani (Turin, 1789), and Giuseppe Niccolini (Leghorn, 1797). Gluck would often merely write '''■col basso" against his viola part, — meaning it to double the 'celli and double-basses in the upper octave, — without considering that an implicit following-out of this direction would at times carry the violas higher than the first violins, not to mention changing consecutive 4ths into consecutive 5ths. We sell our furs by their correct names, and guarantee them to be strictly as rep- resented. RELIABLE GOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES Our Principle (20) I who is really in love with her, and has entered Fulgentius's service in disguise, so as to be near her. (47) Adolf Hasse (Dresden, 1737), Georg Christoph Wagenseil (Vienna, 1746), Antonio Gaetano Pampani (Italy, 17 48)* Davide Perez (Naples, 1749), Christoph Willibald von Gluck (Naples, 175 1), Andrea Adolf ati (Vienna, 1753), Niccola Jommelli (Stuttgart, about 1758), Gioacchino Cocchi (London, 1760), Johann Gottlieb Naumann (Dresden, 1768), Andrea Bernasconi (Mannheim, 1768), Pasquale Anfossi (Rome, 1769), Giuseppe Sarti (Padua, 177 1), Ignaz Holzbauer (Munich, about 1780), Pietro Guglielmi (Turin, 1785), Johann David von Apell (? Allegro (D minor) - - - - - - 3-8 Franz Schubert _ - - Ballet-Movement and Entr'acte from " Rosamunde " I. Entr'acte : Andantino (B-flat major) - - - 2-4 Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. One theory is that he was meant to play only enough to fill out the harmony in such passages as were left incompletely harmonized by the composer ; that is, only where the instru- mental parts actually written out did not of themselves complete the harmony. Special atten- tion given to tlie care of the throat and voice of singers and speakers., Fiirstin von Cypern, a romantic drama in four acts, the text by Wilhelmine von Chezy, the music by Schubert, was first given at the Theater an der Wien, in Vienna, on December 20, 1823. The matter has been made the subject of much discussion. Ballet-Movement and Entr'acte from " Rosamunde." Franz Peter Schubert. The stock of Women's Outfittings, consisting of Cloaks, Suits, Furs, Millinery, Waists, Underwear, and Negligees, has been selected to meet the requirements of women who want the best of mate- rial and workmanship at a fair and moderate cost.

We guarantee satisfaction, and we think you can very readily see we could not afford to do this if we did not know our goods to be perfectly correct in style, workmanship, and price.

HOMEYER & CO., Dealers in Foreign and American flusic, 165 TREHONT ST., BOSTON, Are constantly in receipt of the Musical Novelties issued by the principal publishers of the United States and Europe. This concerto belongs to a set of six which were published posthu- mously about 1760. We dye or cleanse, and refinish PROPERLY, rt;// materials of household use and clothing of all kinds.

And that it was safe to leave the " accompaniment " unwritten, is shown by the fact that, in those days, composers generally played it themselves ; also by the fact that the art of improvising "accompaniments" from figured (or even unfigured) basses was very generally cultivated, and organists and cembalists had acquired great skill in it. Without such " accompani- ment," the score is incomplete, and it was never performed without one in the composer's day. Next follows a further development of the same idea in G minor, the strings alternating with the wind instruments, and at last joining forces with them. It is in the part of Vitellia, and comes in Act II., scene 14. Hast du wohl Muth zu sehen wie er sein Leben endet, der dir Treue gelobt ? Schon seh' ich grauenvoll Kerker sich iiffnen, Schon Todesqualen furchtbar mir nahn. welch' Entsetzen 1 Ach, was wird mein Schicksal sein ?

In slow Largo eight violins soli e con sordini play FAVORITE SONGS. Of course the question of how much and what the accompanist was to play is hard to answer satisfactorily now. Discussions on it are very like discussions on Religion : of the sort that convince only one side.

Half a teaspoon in half a glass of water affords quick relief when depressed, or weary from overwork, worry, insom- nia or other nerve-destroying conditions. The passage is borrowed from Eglantine's vision of old Emma's ghost, in the third act of the opera, but has here an entirely sylvan charac- ter of twilight mystery. Of course something was written ; but this something was only the bass — the part played by the orchestral basses — with or without thorough-bass figuring. Probably it never will be entirely settled to everybody's satisfaction.

Allegro (C minor) - - - - - - 3-4 Trio (C major) ------- 3-4 IV. Every licensee shall not, in his place of amusement, allow any person to wear upon the head a covering which obstructs the view of the exhibition or performance in such place of any per- son seated in any seat therein provided for spectators, it being understood that a low head covering without projection, which does not obstruct such view, may be worn. Com- mentators have more than once pointed out the striking general similarity between the characters of Adolar and Euryanthe, and Lysiart and Eglan- tine in Euryanthe, and those of Lohengrjn and Elsa, and Telramund and c A Tonic and Nerve Food Horsford's Acid Phosphate. Now -we come upon one of the most originally poetic episodes in all Weber. In those days, a "good accompanist" was not one who played sympathetic accompani- ments to singers or solo instruments, but one who could develop the unwritten "accompaniment" (organ or harpsichord part) into full harmony according to the rules of the art. (19) fill, and honest men on both sides, and the question can in no wise be regarded as settled yet.