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ADDITIONAL STANDARDS FOR BEEKEEPING: Beekeeping must be allowed by RMC 4-2- 060, Zoning Use Table, and must also comply with the following standards: 1. The hives must be at least 25 feet from each property line unless one of the following circumstances applies, in which case the hives must be at least 10 feet from each property line:(a) The hives are at least eight feet above the adjacent ground.(b) The hives are less than six feet above the adjacent ground and are behind a solid fence or hedge which is at least six feet in height and parallel to any property within 25 feet of the hives and extending at least 20 feet beyond the hive in both directions.(4) Registration.

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This project is simple and doesn’t take very long at all, maybe about an hour from start to finish.“They've been weathering invasions, attacks and dark wizards since before America even existed.” You can watch the full monologue above.Though I had an idea for the DIY photo booth backdrop a long time ago, it took awhile for me and my fiance to get around to constructing it.Upon judgment and order of the court, such nuisance shall be condemned and destroyed in the manner directed by the court or released upon such condi- tions as the court in its discretion may impose to secure that the nuisance will be abated; the owner of such nuisance shall be liable for a fine not to exceed One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). Title 23 – Land Use Code Subtitle IV – Land Use Regulations Division 2 – Authorized Uses and Development Standards Chapter 23.44 – Residential, Single-Family Definition in the Seattle Municiple Code – Keeping of animals SMC Keeping of animals. Beekeeping is permitted when it is registered with the State Department of Agriculture. Make sure you ask a store associate when you’re shopping for supplies if you’re not sure what to use.

Now you’re going to thread the curtains onto the rod.

When I sent it to him, he deemed it the best plan he’d seen, and we set to work re-creating it.

To start constructing this DIY backdrop, measure how thick your elbow is compared to your curtain rod, and add electrical tape around the end of the rod until you have a tight fit.

Time for the complicated part; this was definitely much easier with two people.

Take your string lights, straighten them out, and pin them to the back of the curtain with your safety pins, spacing .

Editor’s Note: Penalties imposed by Section 1 of Ord. SMC Abatement of nuisance Activities or places not meeting these standards shall be deemed public nuisances.