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Being legally separated and dating

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If a court finds you at fault for causing the marriage to end, it affects your share of marital property.It can also affect your child custody rights in some cases.

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Imagine this: your spouse, trying to prove adultery, hires a private eye to follow you.The court might count your dating life against you when dividing property.This rule usually is in play when your divorce goes to trial.They also want to know if your romantic partner stays the night. After all, what goes on in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.But the court’s concern is stability in the child’s life.It can be confusing for a young child, or even a teenager, whose parents are together one day, and divorcing the next.

Next thing the child knows, dad now lives with another woman. Sometimes they feel like a ping-pong ball during a divorce. We are divorce attorneys in Charleston, SC and Mount Pleasant, SC.

, or spousal support, might be on the line if you date while separated.

You might not be able to get alimony if you date before you get the divorce decree.

You could be in trouble if your spouse learns about your dating life.

Your spouse might pursue a fault divorce based on adultery.

Divorce trials are hectic and difficult for both spouses.