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Ben affleck kate beckinsale dating

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And, as with Rebecca Gayheart, who recently received probation and a whopping community service sentence for an automobile vs.

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A fellow diner says, "During dinner Sandra and Ben sat on either side of the table, chatting and laughing with other people.The site even declares Beckinsale as “the one that got away,” saying “it’s pretty obvious that Ben still has feelings for his former flame that never cooled off despite his marriage to Jennifer Garner.” Of course, the site doesn’t explain exactly how that’s “obvious,” but CDL adds, “Now that Kate is reaching out to Ben in the wake of her own divorce, the two Hollywood A-listers are realizing that the spark is still there.” To bolster its case, the webloid regurgitates a claim from that they’re being “urged” to “get back together” and “try to make their relationship work this time.” But Gossip Cop knows what’s REALLY going on. Troubled actress Winona Ryder was acting out a role when she was caught shoplifting in Los Angeles.The 30-year-old star was arrested last week after surveillance cameras allegedly caught her cramming clothes, hair accessories and a handbag worth an estimated total of $4,900 into a bag.But the millionairess, stopped by security staff in the Saks Fifth Avenue department store in Beverly Hills, snapped back, "I'm doing this for research for my job." According to British tabloid the News Of The World a source close to the investigation told how Winona stunned guards by claiming a movie director had advised her to try shoplifting for a forthcoming screen role.» Matt Damon has a new girlfriend - best friend Ben Affleck's personal assistant Odessa Whitmire.

Those who know the couple say the Southern belle has managed to fill the gap left by Damon's last girlfriend Winona Ryder.

A friend of the actor says, "Matt and she have taken great pains to keep it a secret and private.

They've been able to grow very close because they knew each other before they were dating." » Shallow Hal star Jack Black was terrified that Gwyneth Paltrow might make a move on him on the movie set - because of her history of dating co-stars.

According to the UK newspaper Kate reached out to Affleck after she and Len allegedly called time on their marriage in February.

A source revealed: "She's turned to him for support as a friend because they've stayed in touch during her difficult time." Neither Ben or Kate ever admitted to having a fling while working together and a year after wrapping up she was loved-up with Wiseman.

He adds, "She told them the director had suggested she do this for research." Pals say Winona, who was released on $20,000 bail, will now seek treatment at the exclusive Promises clinic in Malibu, California. and Charlie Sheen have all been treated at the $20,000-a-week clinic.