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Later that night we were sleeping and did the same thing but we touched each other's bodies abs arms etc.more which was weird we tried kissing for like one sec but both couldn't do it we gagged when we tried it. The next morning we both were grossed out by what we did we both like woman and both really enjoyed it in the heat of the moment but after we came we were grossed out by it.

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(Me and my friend are two straight guys who have dated girls) The other day I was hanging with my best friend he was staying the weekend with me because my parents were gone. To start off I'm really need some mature answers and I might be a explicit but please read and answer.This time we just said we would do a hand job but turned into more.We got down into our underwear and I could see he was hard but I wasn't so I think he was liking it more then me.Anyways It kind of happened again, anyway he was spending the night last night and before we went to bed he's like dude that felt so good last time I said ya it was awesome but I... They really helped this wasn't intended for your arousal but I still appreciate the answers.Anyways It kind of happened again, anyway he was spending the night last night and before we went to bed he's like dude that felt so good last time I said ya it was awesome but I wanted to throw up afterwards he like me to.Anyways so I guess what I'm asking is even after doing this a second time knowing we would hate it after is there still a poss When a lot of people hear the word "attraction" they instantly think it means a SEXUAL attraction. Even if I fell in love with a woman tomorrow, I'd still call myself gay, because that's what I am comfortable calling myself. So to get back to your story, if you are wondering after that whole experience if that makes you gay, the answer is- you are a human being that can call yourself whatever you desire to call yourself. So whose to say that if I call myself 'gay" that there are absolutely NO women I would find sexually attractive. Maybe as you get older, you might feel you that you DO have more attractions to boys than you think you do now.

But the fact is, we have MANY different attractions that usually fit into one of five categories. Relational, Affectional, Romantic, Emotional, and Sexual. And whose to say that if you and your friend call yourselves "straight" that there are NO boys you would find sexually attractive...

So the next morning we had to have a shower but I live I'm the country a owe only have enough hot water for one shower so we just said the hell with it we can just go at the same time and not look.unfourtanatly it was a small shower we weren't embarrassed by doing this because we have been best friends since like the age of 5 and we weren't self concours either we are fit and have nice bodies so we didn't care if we saw.

Caught him looking at my junk and he saw me catch him he got really embarrassed and said sorry didn't mean to look I just said what ever after he looked I did by accident to and he said laughing u looking at something I just said lol sorry I'm just comparing I guess and he said to be honest I was doing the same thing so we just compared ourselves soft we realized that we are the same size soft he was a bit thicker and I was a bit longer but there went much difference he's like I'm glad that you are the same size I always thought I was small soft and I said me to but I guess this is normal ( we are growers) we also noticed that both of us shave and just talked about that for a bit anyways after the shower we just went and played video games for the day and we had a hot tub and we came back and just changed into our underwear.

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We are like best friends mad still are the next day but why did we do that we like woman and want to marry one I don't usually find me attrsctive I've never seen a guy and thought he was hot I just really enjoyed out expirence and so did he were are really masculine guys so it was odd my questions are has anyone else done this and are we still straight has any straight guy ever done something like this please share your stories I would feel so much better.