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Blackberry bold call log not updating

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The recent keyboard-toting Classic is almost an admission of that, it being a regression for the company; an homage to the Bold devices that found popularity many moons ago.Even the Porsche Design collaborations, the pocket-stretching Passport and the as-yet unreleased, curved-screen slider are all variations on a weary theme.

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It's a black and gray slab with sharp corners, meant for serious business, and I can't help but find it lacking in character -- unless that character is a middle manager at a logistics conglomerate.Also, the dimpled, rubbery material that covers most of the device feels like a built-in shock case, giving the impression that the handset can shrug off a fall or two.On the other hand, however, the Leap being a solid square block makes it a tad cumbersome in the hand.And, almost unforgivably, the phone makes do with aging internals, making it identical on the inside to the two-year-old Black Berry Z10.Frankly, it’s impossible to recommend the Leap over cheaper handsets with superior specifications and more consumer-friendly platforms.A Black Berry can appear to be complex, simply because it has so many features.

However, the truth is that the Black Berry hardware and software is elegantly designed, and troubleshooting problems are very easy, even when those problems are with your mobile network connection.

If you have Black Berry signal problems or some other mobile network issue, follow these basic steps and then check again to see if you can connect to your carrier's network: Note: This guide is for devices running Black Berry OS.

If you're using a newer Black Berry smartphone that's running Android OS, skip down to the steps at the bottom of this page.

But, if your own money is on the table, you're probably going to want to take it elsewhere.

There are several things to like about the Black Berry Leap, including its long battery life, surprisingly good camera and the productivity afforded by BB10 OS. It can be cumbersome to use due to its size;its 720p display is of substandard quality;and even some of the most popular apps aren’t available on the BB10 platform directly.

Sure, the dimpled back, with its slight curvature as it meets the sides, gives ample purchase and comfort; but, the device is tall, wide, thick and verging on heavy at 170g (six ounces).