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Blind dating 2016 soundtrack

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Coz almost all rom-coms out there have close to ‘perfect’ second leads who don’t get the girl!Or I can understand major SLS bad enough to hate a show, if: 1.

Over all, I love this drama, real characters, real scenarios, top-notch acting from both leads, although it's a little dragging at some points and I feel like it could be a good 20 episodes drama. This drama gave me weird emotions and I have uttered "What the Heck?! It's a good drama to binge watch but it brought out lots of emotions, especially frustrations. What I only hate in this drama is the kissing scene of Na Ri and Hwa Shin in the hospital after Na Ri found out that Hwa Shin likes him. and how she clinging with Hwa Sin is sickening especially when she was in relationship with Jung Won. I really hate her everytime she doing something stupid. Though you are so much younger than the two lead role, but your acting didn't seem like it. You portrait Jung Won excellently, good looking, gentle, sweet & kind hearted!So why make the girl date the male lead's best friend? Shit, I feel like I really want to end it soon, i cant bear to watch it for now (im on episode 16). Gosh i really want to skip watching whenever it shows her face. It does make me laugh, but trully I don't like the ending. Jo Jung Suk oppa has always been good in acting, he really portrayed the character very well for every projects he has done. I really hope they could win some awards this year but maybe the rating will effect the competition. I like this drama more, it's not 49%-51% like but certainly and definitely 100% love. The preview of each episodes and unpredictable plot makes me as a viewer eager and curious on what happened next.So I took a break n started watching another drama. The story itself is quite entertaining and speaks about real life and love during ups and down. I dont like her arrogant look, her gesture, n expecially her acting .. The writer probably shouldn't make The character of ko jung won are more arrogant than lee hwa shin, so that viewers don't take him too pittyfully. Plus it was a good pairing with Kong Hyo Jin eonnie since she is also a versatile actress , too. All I can say, Jealousy Incarnate.BEST and MEMORABLE rom com so much.I mean I can understand you starting on the second lead ship, but if Hwashin with his sincerity and Jo Jung Suk with his astounding acting/ dancing skills can’t win you over as the show progresses - then I dunno what to say!) To second lead shippers: I fully understand the pain of being invested in a second lead ship that was eventually meant to sink (But tbh, all the signs of its doom were there from the beginning - For eg., The drama being titled after the main lead - Jiltueui HWASHIN, the main poster having Hwashin/Nari combination).But I don’t get the hate the show is receiving just because of that.

This drama never trolled us in terms of who’s the endgame as, say the Reply series did (2nd and 3rd especially).

i'm looking forward for your next project oppa ^^ I love the actor who played Lee Hwa Shin. You could literally see every expression and what the character may be thinking. i agreed with the coment below, overall it was a good drama but the fact that hwa shin is a jerk still affect me until the end, he was a jerk and still a jerk until the end. i enjoyed watching it initially, as i really like Gong Hyo Jin. The first time thru I'm spending a lot of time reading sub caps. Also there's a nice balance of humor and drama and tears. COME ON, HE CAN'T EVEN MAKE HIS DAMN FOREHEAD WRINKLE! I don't know how the producers of this drama were able to make heartbreaking scenes be hilarious at the same time! This is definitely one of my favourite korean drama! An actor that can act amazingly, sing and dance as well and at the same time VERY GOOD LOOKING ONE.

it doesnt need alot of times to choose, i applaused the actor and actresses, n honestly it wasn't a bad drama, it just about a poor girl whom unfortunately fallen for a bad guy, and im not impressed at all, what's great about in love with a jerk? the chemistry between the 2 main leads are good, it's just that it became draggy towards the latter part of the story :( i stopped watching at episode 15 switched to another drama. I always appreciated fine drama ,not (another) that at you laugh crazy and in a month is forgotten. I'm impressed how they addressed the breast cancer issue in men. The only expressions he makes is: 1) smile 2) poker-face that's supposed to be serious 3) wide-eyed that's supposed to be angry, shocked and god knows what else. You will laugh, cry, and be in love with all the characters in this drama! Hello JI fans, is anyone here having problem with JI withdrawal syndrome. He must have save a country in his past life that he was so blessed in this present time. super handsome guy and i refuse to agree to those who are saying he didnt act well...

Actually, I hope for more side story about the younger one love triangle... Next time Writer, do not give TOO good role to the Second Lead, because they will expect for the impossible. the next drama, i hope they are work together again... Thanks to producer and made him so popular because of this drama. i will never go back to my first love who are always look down on me. Im sorry, I just talk about the story, not these actrists or actors. I admit that I rely a lot on ratings when deciding which drama to watch.

Just like side love story of suzy little brother in uncontrollably found. Well, in the end, Jung Won fans, you must be thankful to the producer of the show this is a good drama... that's only reason i will reject Hwa Sin no matter what. For the first time for all my life, i am voted for second lead. (fans of Go Kyong Po) I am Hwa Shin and Pyo Na Ri fan, i have negative comments to Jung Won, but if PNR would end up with Jumg Won, never in my mind that I would wish for this Drama's rating to become lower, too bad for people who does not know etiquettes, Anyways, good, I have heard that PNR end up with Hwa Shin. Lately, I've found out that high ratings on certain sites doesn't mean good quality drama, and vice-versa.

Also loved her in Master's Sun where at least Joong-Won had an understandable reason for being so mean at first but he was so good and kind to her by the end. They did not overdid and too dramatic in their characters. This series should be just focus about the love between 3 main characters, i love the 3 main casts. The story is enjoyable and i like the lead actors and actress. The chemistry between the leads are really impressive. Everyone in the drama such as the leads, the casts, the crews, the PD and the screen writer really did their best and work together so well. As a devoted fan of K-Drama myself, I begin to feel sick of those boring unrealistic first male lead. I'm really impress by the chemistry both lead actor and actress!! Cho Jung Sook and Kong Hyo Jin, the PERFECT MATCH of the Year!