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Blind dating hot

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We’ve both had a hard time dating in the past — but JP said he didn’t want to talk about other girls, which I appreciated.But we did talk about men’s and women’s approaches to relationships.

I think JP might be more attracted to me than I am to him, but I am excited to see how this develops. Sarastro was great, with a crazy over-the-top interior.We plan to see each other again, and are in touch all the time.On our first date, I soon realised he is a really fun guy, and we both talked about everything from my pet hate, scientifically inaccurate sci-fi movies, to our taste in music. He joked that it must be awful to watch sci-fi with me as I would point out all the faults, and I poked fun at him, picturing him dancing rumba around the house.It’s a kind of strength without a temper, but with a backbone —she likes what she likes and is not afraid to say so. She was radiant, smiley and attractive, and she seemed happy to be on the date, so that was really welcoming.I talk for a living as a lecturer, and it’s wonderful to meet someone who challenges me in conversation.It’s so much more stimulating and there’s a sense of honesty.

With Laura, I feel I can be myself and a little bit open.

So I would rather stay single than take on someone who’s going to be hard work.

I’m from Italy originally but have lived in the UK since 2005, first for my Ph D and then for work. I married an Englishman at 34, after family pressure to ‘settle down’, but we divorced in 2011.

Some guys I’ve met online had the attention span of a goldfish, so it was refreshing to have a real conversation.

JP did talk about men being men and women being women — he has quite a traditional way of thinking — while I firmly believe in equality between genders. I haven’t settled down yet because I have never found my ‘match’ — and as I get older it gets more and more difficult.

The next day, I rang her and we picked up where we left off — and have been chatting ever since.