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Bo Co, Big Omaha, Mom 2.0 Summit, Tribe Con and the TEDx conferences are some of the new conferences on the new must-attend circuit.Learn how SXSW is actually incubating and inspiring this new generation of events and how you can produce the next startup conference hit.

Read More →Policy Atty | ACLU of Northern California | Chris Conley is a Technology & Civil Liberties Policy Attorney at the ACLU of Northern California. The containers, ships and ports are going digital and getting smarter. How new container technology is changing 40 years of no change.As a member of the Corporate Affairs and Communications team, Schierholz is the day-to-day liaison between Raytheon and its external, online communities, including Twitter, Face... Most younger entrepreneurs are at the edge of a cliff.Read More → Being a young entrepreneur in this period of time in business and commerce is an exciting thing. They are looking for reasons to jump, or not to jump.She contributed to online documentary projects and before joining, and has since spent her time developing interactive features, contributing to CNN's coverage during the... Everyone always talks about how being curious, how retaining youthful characteristics is a great way to succeed without bounds.Read More →STEM Education Specialist | Innovative Global Technologies | Pamela Greyer is the founder and CEO of CEEN (Community Education & Enrichment Network) in Chicago, Illinois. Greyer was the Director of the Chicago NASA SEMAA (Science, Eng... Schierholz is the manager of Social Media for Raytheon Company. How do you overcome traditional preconceived notions of being "younger", more "inexperienced", and "naive"? Why can't those who truly embody those characteristics be the ones that indeed reap those rewards?Kristina Halvorson is the CEO and Founder of Brain Traffic.

She will be stopping by the SX Bookstore to greet registrants and sign copies of her book, Content Strategy for the Web. 150 Twitter users were selected, from over 2,500 entries, to attend NASA's STS-133 Discovery shuttle launch, with special access at the press site, and two days of programmed events -- meeting crew, talking to astronauts, exploring NASA -- and to top it all off, to view the launch from the countdown clock.

A year ago, a string of semi-random events combined...

Read More →| Sophia Dengo is an interactive designer at

We formed an instant community (within hours of being selected) via Twitter, created a Google group, FB group, email lists, and 15 of us who had never met before rented a house, and started sharing space knowledge, social media knowledge, etc. Our house, the Big House, was the hub of all activities. Our first night there we gathered (over 70 of the 150) and formed our space tweeps family.

Astronomers, scientists, NASA workers, digital storytellers, educators (k-12 and higher ed), videographers, all passionate about space. The communities which were formed out of this experience are still going strong.

New technology in ticketing, marketing, and communicating makes it possible to produce an world-class event on a minor-league budget.