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Anthony Marcus, Associate Professor of Anthropology at John Jay College, and part of the ground-level research team for the New York and a subsequent found that many youth who engage in commercial sex do not view themselves as sufferers, but rather perceive their ‘work’ as a curious and fascinating lifestyle:“By definition, a sex trafficking victim is a person suffering extreme distress in a relationship that is exploitive.

Such a statistic has a hard time taking root because there’s already the perceived and ingrained idea that men and men-only are the criminals”, he wrote.7.Trafficking is a serious problem in the United States, yet many of the stereotypes surrounding the issue and the counter-productive approaches to fixing the problem, make it increasingly difficult to address the real dilemmas and oppression of those children in need of help.At present, the commercial sexual exploitation of children has become a staple of often scary tabloid and other media coverage.Licensed independent clinical social worker Steven Procopio explained these exchanges to Alter Net:“Children can have pimps, but generally as the boy [or girl] ages out into his/[her] late 20s, he/[she] may rent an apartment with several others in the life and in exchange for those younger kids having shelter and a room to sleep, they work for the older boy/[girl].Another scenario is the fee-for-service drive-by-pimp – a guy will drive his car, ask a child if he wants to make some money for the evening, pimp him/her out and then at the end of the night the child may never see that person again.Moreover, 30 percent of children who are trafficked reported sexual abuse by someone in their family and 14 percent disclosed sexual abuse by both someone within and outside of their family, a 2009 study revealed.5.

Trafficked children are treated as criminals despite federal law classifying anyone under 18 years of age a victim Despite statutory rape laws in every state explicitly stating that children under 18 cannot legally consent to having sex, (in conformity with the federal of 2000) most states still allow minors to be arrested and charged with prostitution crimes.

Kate Mogulescu, attorney at Legal Aid Society who has represented hundreds of indigent clients aged under 21 facing criminal prosecution for prostitution, outlined her frustrations with the system at a recent seminar on “” in New York:“Our criminal justice is deeply flawed.

There is a fundamental perverseness about it because you have to be arrested and charged for prostitution first even if you are under 18.

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It has always been ‘the state versus the trafficking victim, who is considered a defendant and that just doesn’t go away.