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Boys tamil movie dating lyrics

It does'nt have a great storyline on the line of Indian, Mudhalvan etc but Shankar injects quality into each and every scene, making this movie highly enjoyable from the beginning to the end. I had a chance to see a trailer of this movie in a cinema theater and it looked modestly impressive but I imagined that it would be the standard Tamil movie fare and thus not worth wasting precious time on.A day before of its release, one of my buddies proudly flashed his first-day-first-show ticket at me.

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But with Shankar's style and AR Rehman's music, Boys is certainly a superb movie if you don't have any of the reservations discussed above. Every song was fantastic taken esp SECRET OF SUCCESS was just simply mind blowing. Cinematographers, Directors, Music Directors, Lyricists etc can have their share at the world stage. But i just wanna sat that the movie is EXCELLENT and it's backbone is ARR's music. The technicians are some of the most talented people India can be proud of.I believe that this was what cost the movie its performance in Box office and commercial success.The audience of middle class teenagers and college students was simply not enough to ensure it a box office success.The First three movies were really good and the first and last were Indian's entries for the Oscars, so I speculated that this movie "Boys" could possibly be good.

A few days after the movie released, it was was the talk of the Town and the entire college was raving about it.

Boys in far from a family movie and it is perhaps the most sexually explicit Tamil movie to ever come out, without actually having any nudity after censorship.

Boys is thus something one just cannot watch together with the family as most of it concerns the sexual adventures of 5 Boys, all newcomers, putting in superb performances.

I would also imagine that women would be a bit uncomfortable with the scenes shown, to say the least.

However, they fail to realize that it was just one song which had that and that it was JUST A MOVIE.

It kinda was like the Itchy and Scratchy movie hype in a Simpsons episode. When we went and asked if we could get a ticket, the salesman said that "It was Boys for crying out! First of all, one must congratulate Shankar for a very daring and bold initiative in Boys, especially given how conservative the people of Tamil Nadu can be.