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Police have arrested three more men in connection with the Parsons Green tube bombing after raiding a building said to be a 'halfway house' for asylum seekers.A 25-year-old man, who neighbours say is an Iraqi Kurd, was detained in Newport in connection with the terror attack last night.

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Faroukh's family expressed their shock after the Syrian refugee was arrested on Saturday night as he finished a shift at the fried chicken takeaway. He would not hurt anyone.'My father, God bless his soul, brought us up to live decently and with high morals.He was born in Iraq and is proud of being a Kurd.'Describing the arrest, nearby resident Sully Ali, 19, said: 'A big van pulled up and six officers got out and jumped this guy.'There were two armed officers there, they didn't have their guns pointed at him but they had them on show.'The guy was smiling.I didn't hear him saying anything or the police saying anything to him.'Mr Ali said the arrested man worked as a painter and decorator for some local residents.The video, obtained by the Press Association, shows a figure dressed in grey carrying a distinctive white Lidl carrier bag around 80 minutes before the explosion that injured 29 people.Footage yesterday emerged of the moment Faroukh was pinned to the wall by police who pretended to be homeless people and Londoners waiting for a bus outside the takeaway where he worked.We now have five men in custody and searches are continuing at four addresses.

'Detectives are carrying out extensive inquiries to determine the full facts behind the attack.'We anticipate that the searches will take some days to complete and may cause further disruption.

'However, it is important that we continue with these searches and I'd like to thank all those affected for their support, patience and cooperation.' He added: 'As police and our partners do all we can to confront the threat, public vigilance remains as vital as ever.

'We are asking the public to look out for anything that seems out of place, unusual or just doesn't seem to fit in with day-to-day life.

Two even appeared in a video encouraging others to join them.

And in 2012 Cardiff brothers Gurukanth Desai, and Abdul Miah, were jailed along with Omar Latif, also from the city, for plotting Mumbai-style attacks in Britain.

Neighbours of the first man arrested said he was a very religious and came from the Kurdistan region of Iraq.