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But, unlike Season 1, the judges chose 16 contestants to move on to the semi-finals, as opposed to Season 1's Top 12.

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The top 6, the judges and the host, Carlos Bustamante, all join together at Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, on September 22, 2013.The live finale at Canada's Wonderland was held on September 23, 2012.The 'winners song' for the season was "One Thing" by One Direction. In late-September 2012, it was announced that there is going to be another episode of this season titled "48 Hours In The Spotlight".The September 27 finale, from International Showplace at Canada's Wonderland, featured performances by Fe Fe Dobson and Justin Bieber, who had recently earned his first hit with "One Time", but not yet released an album. The top six were called back to Toronto once again around December to perform a top 6 group music video of the Christmas song "All I Want For Christmas is You".The Top 6 was revealed to Canada on August 7, 2009. Host Adamo Ruggiero, Judges Suzie Mc Neil, Steve Cranwell, and Christopher Ward. The fourth season of The Next Star premiered on July 18, 2011.The Next Star is a Canadian reality television show on YTV hosted by Adamo Ruggiero (seasons 1-5) and Carlos Bustamante. The show is a competition to find the most talented singer in Canada who is aged 15 years or younger to win and become "the next star".

Winning contestants are Dunnery Bond (Season 1), Tianda Flegal (Season 2), Diego Gomes (Season 3), Melissa "Charlie" Storwick (Season 4), Brooklyn Roebuck (Season 5), Alicia Moffet (Season 6) and Jory Zechner (Season 7).

So while dates noted below are accurate relative to earlier events, there may occasionally be anachronistic elements, as writers incorporate contemporary references or depictions.6) Possess 30 Speech, Kamikaze, 70 in any attack skill (Guns, Explosives, Unarmed, Melee, Energy Weapons), and all kill-related challenge perks (Lord Death, Abominable, Bug Stomper, Animal Control, Mutant Massacrer, and Machine Head.)7) Possess 30 Speech, have your karma hit Evil or Very Evil, at least 6 Stength and at least 7 Endurance When this mod is installed the Terrifying Presence perk is only available by completing one of these sets of conditions, it is no longer selectable upon level-up.

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After the top 24 perform the top 10 would be selected, Then the top 6 where it would remain for 3 weeks, then the live finale. It is Scheduled to air in late 2018 These were the top 100 contestants of season one.

It was soon announced that 11-year-old Charlotte Kosc had been diagnosed with viral meningitis and pneumonia in her right lung and therefore couldn't continue in the competition (she had been chosen to carry on as one of the top six). This season's format is very similar to the previous one, with the judges and host traveling to 6 different locations throughout Canada to find their top contestants.

It was soon after confirmed on the official The Next Star Twitter though nothing was said about it. There will be contestants from other seasons on the show including: Parker Schmidt, Shania Fillmore, Isabelle Stern, Amer Dhaliwal, Mimoza Duot, Gary Gordon, Dane Bjornson, Olenka Bak, Bradley Martinez, and Ryan Hawken. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.