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“We have finally found that jailing drugs’ users is not a solution. The project was funded by Global Fund with an amount of USD 5, 5 million for six countries- Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Mauritius and Seychelles.

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As he was stigmatized, it was very hard and difficult for him to give up drugs.Step by step, I became dependent and started to mix different products such as injectable drugs and tablets at the same time”, he said.As a guitarist, Richard was always in fiesta with his friends. “I finished my academic studies without any problem and I hadn’t any sign proving that I was a consumer of drugs except my red eyes,” he stated.Several reasons explain the paramount importance of this project.They include a high number of the PWID in the region, HIV prevalence among PWID, legal barriers to access health care, a weak voice of PWID and inadequate data to inform programing.For Gérard Mbonabuca, the ABS legal representative, HIV and harm reduction is a new project in Burundi health domain that will target PWID beside other vulnerable and discriminated groups.

“It will identify some challenges and find solutions thanks to the good collaboration with other national and regional organizations”, he said.

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He indicated that it was difficult to give up drugs.

“I started injecting drugs when I was in secondary school.

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