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Only one person at a time could gain access to the BBS.

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Online forums also played a large part in the evolution of the social web.Genie was an early online service created by a General Electric subsidiary (GEIS) in 1985.It ran through 1999 and was one of the earliest services available.Forums remain a popular part of online culture, and many have made strides to add more social networking-type features (like profiles).While many people consider dating sites or sites like to be the first social networks, they don’t really fit the definition.Adult material, virus code, information and instructions for hacking and phreaking (phone hacking), and materials like The Anarchist’s Cookbook were commonly hosted on BBSs.

But BBSs were the first type of sites that allowed users to log on and interact with one another, albeit in a much slower fashion than we currently do.

It seems there are social solutions to just about every need.

In this article, we’ll review the history and evolution of social media from its humble beginnings to the present day.

There are niche sites for virtually every special interest out there.

There are sites to share photos, videos, status updates, sites for meeting new people and sites to connect with old friends.

After BBSs came “online services” like Compu Serve and Prodigy.