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Welcome to The Breakers, a unique Myrtle Beach resort located on the oceanfront with seven different towers, all in the heart of the Grand Strand.

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The building has our largest aquatics facility with a large indoor pool, hot tubs, kid’s pool, indoor/outdoor lazy river, and a pirate ship pool. Our Sailfish Tower offers many great amenities with its indoor pool, hot tub and outdoor pool, as well as a beautiful grass lawn for sunbathing.Update 2017: This story was written many years ago and there is a lot of new information available on this case that wasn't available when this was written.Please read the comments below to get a more complete story from those who knew Jeffrey.Come unwind in our sauna after a full day on the beach.Choose from the variety of dining options including cafés, a full-service restaurant, Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlor and Starbucks.Jeffrey laughed, dripping with blood, as he cursed and fought and spit at those who watched. The lawyers say it was the Ritalin, but I've seen too many people on Ritalin to believe that is possible.

The one thing Jeffrey had been getting into prior to his parents death was the dark arts.

So when he attacked his three baby siblings and bashed their skulls in with all the strength in his body it seemed like something monstrous must have taken control of him.

The attacks were so brutal that the first responders at the seen of the crime had to leave the house to vomit.

I don't live in a very big city so it seems odd to me that our little town is rocked by mass murders and bizarre killings more than it should for its population.

Last week, UAH, where I went to college, was devastated by the shooting of 6 professors by a neurobiologist who didn't get tenure. A friend of mine's younger brother was best friends with Jeffrey and he said that Jeffrey was an angsty young fellow, but what teenager isn't?

The Lodge complements all the mountain offers from skiing and snowboarding to PA’s largest outdoor water park, zipline adventures and more.