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Within each quadrant you can find many angelic names.

What kind and how many will depend on park location, weather and time of year.East — First Subquadrant — Dispositors: Knitting together — The Good Angels: Teach medicine and heal the sick — The Evil Angels: Cause sickness and death South — Second Subquadrant — Dispositors: Transport — The Good Angels: Precious metals and jewels — The Evil Angels: Counterfeiting and gambling Norden — Third Subquadrant — Dispositors: Arts and craft — The Good Angels: transformations of form, not essence — The Evil Angels: Illusions and deceptions Westen — Fourth Subquadrant — Dispositors: Secrets of men — The Good Angels: Knowledge of all elemental spirits: —— The Angel of the first row: Knowledge of air spirits —— The Angel of the second row: Knowledge of water spirits —— The Angel of the third row: Knowledge of earth spirits —— The Angel of the fourth row: Knowledge of life or the inner fire of living beings — The Evil Angels: Evil and base uses of elementals This division of tasks is totally different from the one known in the Golden Dawn variation of enochian angel-magic.Obviously you are versed in english, because you read the english part of my website.So I can recommend the book "Practical Angel Magic of Dr.John Dee's Enochian Tables — Tabularum Bonorum Angelorum Invocationem" edited by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine.The angel Ave further instructed Dee that this king can be summoned in two ways.

When the king is calling the seniors in an act of mercy, his name is Bataiva and when this king calls the seniors in an act of severe judgement, his name is Bataivh.

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If you arrive by vehicle, a daily vehicle pass will be provided as part of your program fee.

Note that having six people in one tent is only recommended for two adults and four small children.

If you have multiple adults or older children you may only be able to fit four to five people per tent.

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