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These DNA tests has given me many New African American Cousins & family African on the Paternal side which will hopefully, revconnect me nearer to my Biological Fathers family. Would of been stationed in Auckland New Zealand in early 1943, round March/April. Before he died,my uncle told me that I had a sibling there. He was adopted by a US Army couple, also, stationed there and brought back to the USA. Please, email me at: [email protected] have very little to go on.

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These tests have also, been downloaded onto a giant database company for free called which shows your dna matches of other relatives (Maternal & Pateral) via your autosomal DNA profile. My fathers name was John Wayne Hansman and he was stationed in Hokkaido Japan in the early 50's. He was stationed at Mc Graw Kaserne, Germany in or around October 1954. My Dad was born David Karl Zimmerer in Munich July 14,1955.Unfortunately the couple were separated, but in October 1946 Margita gave birth to their son, Bernard.In 1950, Margita (a displaced person) and her son migrated to Australia Even if it is too late for ' Charlie' Smith to know his son, he and his American family may want to know that he has a son and four grandchildren here in Australia who would love to know about him.I was born to a Japanese national and an African American soldier in 1949 in Gifu, Japan.My birth name is Akemi Nakashima, mother's name is Gine Nakashima, and father's name was Grady Clay. My father was a american soldier stationed in Germany in the early 1970's. He is believed to have fathered a daughter named Kimiko.

My mother Margita Fandert fell in love with this young American soldier.

I should have mentioned that my father James B Boyd was stationed in Bristol, England in the posting below.

He sent maintenance for some time after my birth and his father Reverend Boyd wrote to my mother and they exchanged photos. Children Elaine and Jerry were likely born near Toul France, and the mother was likely a French citizen -- most likely a civilian (?

I also have a younger brother who was left in Japan, also fathered by an African American soldier. Over several decades I've done several searches by corresponding with the Consulate/Embassy in Japan,internet searches, etc to no avail. We think my dad might have been stationed at Furstenfeldbruck AFB in 1952 and Bitburg/Spangdahlen in 1953. The mother of the girl and boy was reportedly French (but the mothers mothers family was German). It feels so sad not to know from who you actually came from.

I know that my dad tried to bring them to the States at the time, but AF policy apparently prohibited it(per my uncle). Name: Eunice Claxton Posted: South west England around 1945 ish From: Texas USA My Grandmother received telegram telling her he had been killed in action. I am a 50 years old now who does not even know the full name of my real father.

Hoping that her or a family member is searching as well.