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Canadian native dating service

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I'm originally from British Columbia and not sure what band I'm from, my mother was white and father Native.

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(I have actually met 2 from my lineage at various pow wows and they understood me- it was a big rush!! If anyone would like to talk to me or make a new friend - I am here and anxious to meet you.And I was cruising through the forums here, when I came across this thread. I hope to be able to pass on all the knowledge I gain to my daughter. I've only been to his a reserve a few times because of the distance so don't know my family on that side too well. My great grandmother was full blood Cherokee from OK. It is my understanding through the oral history that most of the "main land" tribes,(Eastern and Plains), can trace thier roots back to the Ojibway,(Assiniboine)? At the risk of offending some, I will not discuss "animal spirits or guides" or ceromonies, especially on-line.Again a big hello to you all, and hope you all have a great day.~Spirit~Just checking out the forums and came across this one. You did a good thing starting this thread astro, I didnt realize thier were so many "people" here. It is good to see family on here and am Honored to be invited. As my mother(who is english/irish) tells it--my great,great grandfather came from Scotland and married an Indian Princess.My Cherokee Ancestors come from the Great Cherokee Nation south of Tennessee before the white man, before the Trail of Tears. Tansi, My name is Sheldon and my best feature is my ass. I don't know much more than that and would like to learn more.We Love Dates Indian is safe, secure, confidential and you can rest assured that your personal information will never be shared.

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I am Honored to have this Blood and Live with Mother Earth as best I can. I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak up in this forum.