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Read more » The post Business Goals: Think Small to Grow Big appeared first on Octane Blog – The official blog of the Entrepreneurs' Organization.Read More 06 November 2017By Jeff Bradford, EO Nashville member When my wife and I joined 60 other members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Nashville chapter for a retreat led by Hindu priest Dandapani, I was skeptical.

The single open reading frame encodes a polyprotein of 3,434 aa.The detection of the virus exclusively in brain tissue suggests that USUV might have a higher tropism for the nervous system in bats, as opposed to the pantropism observed in birds ( We thank Claudia Poggensee, Alexandra Bialonski, Birgit Hüsing, Corinna Thomè, Sabine Köhler, and Mathis Petersen for excellent technical assistance.We dedicate this letter to the late Ursula Herrmann (1927–2014), who made this study possible.A partial envelope and NS5-gene–based phylogenetic analysis that used more available sequences from databases yielded the same topology (data not shown). Their geographic range overlaps with that of the USUV epizootic.Thus, considerable interactions between birds, mosquitoes, and bats could have occurred.Our results suggest that bats probably contribute to the epizootic rather than act as a silent reservoir for the virus.

In contrast, infections of bats might be merely coincidental to what may well be broader infections of vertebrates in the epizootic area.

Histologic analysis of the tissue samples was not successful because of autolysis.

Use of a cytochrome b–specific PCR and direct sequencing of the PCR amplicons genetically identified each bat as a common pipistrelle ().

08 November 2017By 13-year-old entrepreneur Kenan Pala When you want to launch the next big company or invent the next big product, the last thing you think of doing is starting small.

When you have a big goal in mind, you may think that by starting small, it will take you forever to get to where you...

The bat samples were negative for rhabdoviruses but positive for flaviviruses (brain tissue only).