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Celebrate one month of dating

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Muslims throughout the world are today celebrating the Eid al-Fitr festival which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.Fasting for Ramadan began on May 27th and ended at midnight on Saturday.

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"And I'll be having a cheers to my life being awesome & FREE.And with August 7th being a significant date for Turner and Williams, it was pretty perfect that their characters Sansa and Arya reunited during the August 6th episode of .That’s because it’s the date that Williams and Turner were cast on the epic series.But there’s one day that’s particularly important to their friendship — and the meaning behind it will not only take your love for these two actresses to another level, but it will also prove just how magical really is.As both Williams and Turner commemorated on their Instagram accounts, August 7th is a big day for them. "So Happy for you, happy reborn and for all those happier days ahead," one wrote. So much better being happy, free and at peace alone than being stuck in a bad relationship because of pointless expectations. And I will dance naked in my kitchen," she confessed at the beginning of the year.

And her 436k followers rushed to congratulate Jodie on her announcement. "I will throw the mother of ALL parties when that happens.

A little boy celebrating Eid with some very nifty dance moves has left the internet grinning, after a video of his routine went viral.

The youngster, from Turkey, twirled and clapped his way through traditional music in the short clip.

For decades, Native American activists have advocated abolishing Columbus Day, which became a federal holiday in 1937." data-reactid="23"Instead of honoring Christopher Columbus, the Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes Native Americans, who were the first inhabitants of the land that later became the United States of America.

For decades, Native American activists have advocated abolishing Columbus Day, which became a federal holiday in 1937. The city’s decision was influenced by the First Continental Conference on 500 Years of Indian Resistance in Quito, Ecuador, in 1990, which spurred another Northern California conference that discussed similar issues and brought them to the Berkeley City Council, TIME has reported.

After being posted online by Twitter user @I7sann Ft with the caption 'Eid mubarak everyone', the super-cute video has been shared millions of times, with J K Rowling among those tickled by the dancing.